Hi Professor,

I just dreamt of a flying cat with wings (like those of birds) and it is grey with polka dots of black. It was around below my old apartment where I moved out 2 months ago. Surrounding the apartment was weird green chameleons around the size of an adult’s feet. The dream was very weird as the cat was chasing the chameleons and when I approached it, it meowed at me and followed me around. It then spoke to me and wanted me to take her for a walk around the nearby park in my house. I carried it and brought it back home. The second part of the dream was weirder. I was on an adventure with my friends and the cat was in my bag. I couldn’t remember the other parts of the dreams though… Hope that you can help me with this weird dream! Thank you!



My Dearest Shion,

The Professor would venture to suggest that you have encountered an Animal Spirit Guide.  Many shamanistic traditions and holy cultures believe that Animal Spirit Guides appear to provide us with companionship, insight or challenge as we walk the path of our life’s journey.  Such guides are generally rarely encountered, and only in altered states of consciousness or in dreams; thus, when they do appear, they are powerful omens.  Mammalian spirit guides (like cats) are tied to earth energies, and represent intuition about your physical self or the state of your emotions.  Winged spirit guides are air energies, and thus represent higher consciousness – consider that in many traditions, both angels and animals with wings are powerful forces for good.  Your Winged Cat is both earth and air spirit, and thus she is a particularly potent guide.  In traditional mythologies, winged cats represent mischief, and while your Cat definitely has some mischievous qualities, The Professor believes she means you well.  She has expressed both a protective energy (chasing the Chameleons from your door) and a desire to accompany you on a journey (to walk in the park and to ride in your bag).  Having her appear at this time in your life may indicate that you will soon come to a “fork in the road” on your life’s path, and that you will be called to make a difficult decision that could change the course of your life.  This might seem ominous, but The Professor believes that there is much potential for good in this possibility.  If you keep this Cat in mind as your guide, The Professor believes that she will continue to provide you with benevolent guidance, and that you will encounter her again, either in your dreams or deeper within your subconscious.  At best, you can know that a powerful and playful Animal Spirit has been watching over you.

I remain your faithful servant and dream interpreter extraordinaire,