Dear Professor,

So I had the strangest dream last night. I remember I was at some sort of a beach party. People had their tents up on the beach and were planning to stay the night there. There was also a competition and I remember that my team won (besides me there were two girls and a boy on my team). I remember our picture being taken with the man who organised the competition and when I looked at the picture, I didn’t like the man at all. It’s as if I suspected him of something… There was something about his face that told me that his intentions weren’t good. Anyway, the prize was 150 euros and when we received it, the boy who was on my team and I started walking towards our tent (the two girls were probably partying somewhere else) and I remember the guy having his arm around me and me holding the money, while some people on the beach shouted at me to “put the money away”, because I was supposedly gloating with the money.

When we went into the tent, I remember being very tired and just lying down on the floor of the tent. Next thing I knew, the guy asked me something and I answered, and then he kissed me. Then, we went to sleep and he put his arm around me and I fell asleep. None of it felt weird or awkward at all. The funny thing is, though, that when I fell asleep in the dream, I woke up in real life. I was definitely awake when I remember myself being kind of sad and thinking about something along the lines of, “I wish the dream hadn’t ended, he has to leave now.” and I am completely sure I felt the guy still sleeping next to me in my bed with his arm around me. Then, a few moments later, the feeling went away and he wasn’t there anymore. Like I already said – none of it felt weird and when he was holding me, it was as if I already knew him because I felt so comfortable.

Could you tell me what all of this means?

Thank you in advance,


My Dearest E.,

It has been said that in our dreams, we only see faces we already know.  My colleague Dr. Jung would take this notion further and tell you that all the characters you happen to dream about are actually fragmented aspects of your own psyche.  In your dream, your subconscious has set up what most of in our waking lives would consider a very positive scenario; you are on a beach, you have just won money in a contest, and you receive very welcome affection from one of your winning team mates.  The contest organizer, who casts a shade upon your otherwise brilliant day, poses a potential threat that is never made manifest.  Instead, you are taken to a warm, safe relaxing place by a fellow team mate, where you are kissed gently into a comforting state of repose.  The fact that you have a powerful sense of the man’s presence still upon waking, and that he seems absolutely familiar to you, may indeed indicate that (parallel with Dr. Jung’s analysis) your psyche was split into two aspects – the self you know as “you”, and this man, created to provide you with a sense of comfort, warmth and belonging.  This is not to eschew the possibility that your dream may also be an omen; perhaps the Universe may be telling you that a meeting is to come, and you may in fact soon meet someone who you recognize with an uncanny familiarity (if not in physical form in psychic energy) as this man from your dreams.  The Professor hopes this may be the case, as I am really, despite my stiff upper lip, a romantic at heart.  Happy dreams, E.

I remain your faithful servant and dream interpreter extraordinaire,